Monday, July 29, 2013

Warren posting. See our lovely Swedish home!!

I have been warning Wendy for months now that we would likely be living in a big crowded apartment building with neighbors above, below and beside us.  But oh how I was wrong!!  The couple that we aree replacing in the Mission found us a lovely apartment, which is really the back of a private residence in a very nice neighborhood.  Our landlords are an older couple, Sven-Olav and Gunilla Jonasson, and they are very nice (typical Swedes). We have a very comfortable home on the very edge of a small city called Upplands-Väsby, about 25 kilometers North of Stockholm.
View of our apartment from the walking path.  Looking South.
Ours is the green home right in the middle of the picture. The lower balcony is ours.
Our mailing address is :
 Äldste och Syster Tolley
Ringvägen 6B
194 44  Upplands Väsby

Our driveway.  Our car is an Opel Corsa.

entrance to our apartment Ringvägen 6B

kitchen small but functional. notice the tiny microwave

cozy dinners for two. small fridge but sufficient.

We are actually very pleased with the living arrangements we have here.  There are no regular landline telephones in Sweden anymore.  Cell phone service is very good, and even our internet service is wireless.

We only have two of us living here, but we have a hideabed and floor space for visitors.  We even have our own SAUNA!!!

 Not bad eh?  One large living area, and very comfortable.

Deck facing North

Deck is all ours!!  Note Wendy's "dryer" by the kitchen window
Clothes dryers are not common in Sweden.

the deck is wonderful!!

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  1. What a lovely home, small but efficient as most European homes, love the balcony and the view, just gorgeous...enjoy.