Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Another wonderful day at the MTC. (Mission Training Center)
The temperatures here in Provo are way too hot. But I must not complain as I must remember where I will be living soon.
We still have not found any other Swedish Missionaries. We will be able to attend church with them however on Sunday. We did find out that twenty some of the 900 missionaries that arrived today are going to Sweden.
It is still so amazing for me to be in such a remarkable environment. We are making so many new friends. We have especially grown close to the three other couples in our District. The Wright's are going to Finland, the Mower's are going to Austria, and the Moss's are going to North Dakota.
We have also met a couple that used to live across the road from Warren when he was 6 years old - Thelin's - they are going to Finland as well.
And we made friends with some young sister missionaries that are going to Brazil, when we sat by them at the devotional.
Did I mention how happy we are!
We taught our first discussion today. We had 45 minutes to get to know our investigator and teach the first discussion and then invite him to read the Book of Mormon, pray, and set up a time to visit him again. We accomplished everything except he did not pray - but he did promise to pray on his own at home. So we are studying and working hard too.
Sharing the gospel is wonderful - I feel sad that I did not do it more often at home.


  1. Wendy, we are almost right behind you! How long will you be in Provo MTC?

    1. We fly to Sweden Friday July 19th, 2013