Sunday, January 5, 2014

"Jultiden i Sverige" Christmastime in Sweden

We have had a wonderful time enjoying the Christmas season in Sweden.  Rather than a lot of writing I am making the pictures do the talking.

"Jultomte" Christmas Elf dolls.
Common symbol of the Christmas giving
 and magic. The price tags are in Swedish Crowns.
 169 crowns equals about 26 dollars.

My two favorite Christmas Elves

"Luciadagen" celebration at a local elementary school. The
Festival of Light is held on December 13, and includes the singing of the famous song "Santa Lucia"

Tolley, Tolley, Beus, Sargent, Allen posing on the
streets of GamlaStan (the old city)  Elinkowski took
the picture.

I found this dangerous Viking Flicka on the streets of
GamlaStan.  She is actually quite friendly after you get to know her.

Wild monsters Allen, Beus, Sargent and Elinkowski all protecting the dangerous Viking Flicka.

We love being with the missionaries.  Beus and Elinkowski.

We have had several opportunities to assist in the teaching of
investigators and participate in the baptism of those who have
chosen to respond to the invitation to follow Jesus Christ.  This is "Irving", a
22 year old PhD student from China who was baptized just before Christmas.

"Jul Afton"  We were invited to spend Christmas Eve with a family and friends from our congregation in Jakobsberg.
The big Christmas celebration with meal and Santa Claus happens on Christmas Eve.  This family is originally from Brazil, but have lived in Sweden for 15 years.

Alberto and Gabriel. Two very fine young men
that we have adopted as our own.
 Their mother, Claudia, is
a very good friend of ours.

Santa Rodrigo even had presents
 for Sister Tolley.

Sister Tolley found a baby and enjoyed holding
her.  Down deep I think she was pretending to hold
her own granddaughter Jane, whom we have not yet
been able to meet personally.

We had a puzzle going at our
 apartment for several days.   Sisters Merrill
and Allan working on New Years Eve

Elders Sargent and Allen finished it on New Year's Day.
Disappointed when we found one piece missing.  We
later found the piece.

A group of missionaries went to the large Swedish Church
in Gamla Stan for a Luciadagen concert.

St., Klara Kyrka Stockholm

St. Klara Kyrka

Pizza before Christmas.  Elder Beus was transferred
to Göteborg just before Christmas.

Wendy loved this bear in a local mall

Swedish national costume.  Wendy wants one.

New Year's Eve

We had 13 young Sister missionaries at our home
on New Year's Eve. Sisters Clouse,  Eriksson,McCollaum,
Maxwell, Christison

Sisters Land and Kalt

Land, Kalt, Sjoblom, McCollaum,Clouse,Eriksson, Maxwell