Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Our second day at the MTC - the Mission Training Center in Provo Utah
What a wonderful experience we are having. We are meeting such wonderful people. It was an amazing experience to walk from the MTC to the Marriot Center at BYU with four thousand other missionaries for a meeting with a general authority. This year the church has the most missionaries serving than ever before. How exciting to be a part of it all. The people passing by in cars where pulling over to take pictures of us and waving with excitement.

It was also thrilling to be in a building singing with that many missionaries. For those who have experienced all this I hope it brings back pleasant memories. For those of you that have not - it is something to look forward to someday.

We are working hard. We were taught all day and by the end we are tired. How nice to go to a comfortable room for a good nights rest.

I must mention the cafeteria has such great food, with so many choices.  :)

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