Saturday, October 11, 2014

Life has been very busy and it is time to catch up on the blog.

June 2014

We have been thrilled when we have had our family come and visit us here in Sweden.
We were so happy that our son Dale, his wife Alana, and our first grandson- Ross Winton were able to make the long trip to Sweden. Ross was born in January and we were so excited to get to meet him.
First the arrival at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm. Where is Baby Ross?- under the blanket?

My first meeting with Ross Winton - first grandson after five amazing granddaughters.

We bought a stroller so Ross could join us on our daily walks in nature. This is a trail near our home that we take to feed our neighbor ducks. Most Swedes walk with walking poles so I had to be Swedish too.

Just getting acquainted in our apartment. I knit him some baby booties in the Swedish blue color.

We took a trip down to "the old town" in Stockholm and saw the changing of the guards by the Royal Palace. Lots of touristy shops and museums in the area.

Dale and Alana wearing the English translation head sets in church in Uppsalla.

After church we stopped to see one of the largest cathedrals in Sweden located in downtown Uppsala

I finished knitting Ross a little sweater to wear on his travels around Sweden.

While family was here we needed to take a trip to Gotland to switch an elder's apartment over to a couple's apartment. Here we are on the ferry to the island. It is about a three hour trip.

Visby is surrounded by a very old wall. Just inside the arch you can see the villa that we are staying at.

A very cozy villa with sheep skins everywhere. It was a great place to stay and was half the price of the hotels this time of year. We did have to spend the time cleaning up before our departure - no maid service.

The elders on the island showed us around the ruins. Elders Allen and Lindquist. It was fun to spend some time with them.

I call this the Swedish baby hold. When babies are fussing I see a lot of Swedes rocking their babies this way. It does settle down a baby and even can make them laugh.

Kabob in Visby. We have made friends with the owner of the Kabob Restaurant here. The elders introduced us as they frequent the place a lot.
Dale liked it so much we had to go back a second time before leaving the island. Kabob is a common food in Sweden along with Pizza. The pizza in Sweden is very different than what we are used to in America. They all have a thin crust and one of the missionary's favorites is chicken curry with banana or kabob pizza that also has French fries on top as well.

                                                       Some of the ruins around Visby

More Visby ruins.

Alana and Baby Ross take a restful day on the island.
This is one way to get around the island.

Dale and I in an old fishing village up north on Sheep Island

And old windmill we saw along the road

Had to buy a beautiful sheep skin for a souvenir

Beautiful scenery on sheep island (North End Gotland)

Some incredible rock erosion
More of Visby Ruins

Baby Ross in his car seat

Glass is Swedish for Ice Cream - two ice cream shops and too many flavors to choose from!

Just south of Visby are these huge cliffs with an incredible view

We had great weather and a super great time on the island. It was so much more fun having our family with us.
Lots of memories to cherish. Dale will remember much better since he has a T-shirt from where he has been.