Saturday, December 14, 2013

Swedish American Thanksgiving with a few different trimmings.....

Guess who is cooking again?  Notice the
traditional Christmas Star in the window.
Ah yes, Thanksgiving time comes and the old question comes up again.....Do we celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving in October, American Thanksgiving in November, or Swedish Thanksgiving wait....there IS NO SWEDISH THANKSGIVING DAY!!!!
Well Sister Tolley is not about to miss the opportunity to put on a feast for the missionaries and American Thanksgiving Day was coming up and was a good excuse to tie on the apron and get the flour and eggs out. We invited the four local missionaries and the Office couple (Lowrys) to come and partake in the good food, and they were all willing participants.
Elders Lowry, Sargent, Beus, Tolley, Sister Tolley, Elinkowsky and Allen

The "trimmings" were a little different than tradition would call for, since the Swedes do not consume much Turkey.  It was therefore difficult to find a turkey, and when we did find one it was very small and looked like a chicken with big drumsticks. It was also about 100 crowns per kilo (about 6 dollars per pound)  We decided not to have turkey, and switched to "Jul Skinka" (Christmas Ham) which is in abundance and much cheaper (about $1.39 per pound)

Ham, scalloped potatoes, brocolli salad, cornbread, sweet potatoes
peas, pickles and mustard.  Not your typical Thanksgiving fare, but

And of course we had to have pie!! and those wonderful rolls that somebody makes. (Wendy)

Yes, it looks like pumpkin, and it tastes like pumpkin, but
it is really CARROT PIE!!  Wendy loves to experiment and
nobody guessed it was not pumpkin.  Canned pumpkin is
not available in Sweden. Other pies are lemon and apple.

yes, they were as good as they look. butter, honey or jam.

And here is a look at the gang from the other end of the table.  A good time was had by all.

Sister Tolley, Elders Elinkowki and Allen, Sister and Elder Lowry, Elder Sargent, and Elder Beus.

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