Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Another trip through Southern Sweden. Hotels, Christmas concerts, and sights worth remembering

On the Road Again

The list of apartment repairs and furnishings needed took us on another long journey through the South and West Coasts of Sweden. We started the first night by heading to Jönköping, where we had a hard time finding a hotel since there was something happening that booked up all the usual hotels.  I finally ended up booking online with a relatively unknown hotel and when we got to Jönköping we learned that this place was about 5 miles from the city out in the country.  We finally found it in the dark, dark night, and that is when I learned that the word "Herrgård" in the Hotel name means "Mansion".  What a find!!  It was an old country estate that has been converted into a hotel and conference center, but still maintains the old 18th century feel inside,(with some modernization).  We spent a lovely evening there and explored the area the next morning before heading South..

Tokeryds Herrgård was a large mansion on a huge acreage with many farm workers and families serving the landowner.  It was converted to a conference center and maintains a wonderful feeling of old mixed with new.

A very comfortable, quiet and not so expensive place to stay just outside of Jönköping, Sweden.  We are going back!!!

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