Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Posting for those who know where Orton, Alberta is....

For the sake of those who are folliwng this blog, Orton, Alberta is where I (Warren) grew up, about 25 miles West of Lethbridge.  This post is to bring back old memories for those who lived there years ago.  Just down the road from our family farm was a family know as the Thelin family.  They moved away to Oregon years ago when I was still a young boy.  Now so many years later in Stockholm Sweden, we got a visit from Jay Thelin and his wife, who are serving as missionaries in the Finland mission.  They were in Stockholm to attend a meeting and came to look us up.  We spent a few hours together before they had to catch a ship across the Baltic Sea back to Helsinki.  It was fun to talk about old memories, although Jay is quite a bit older than I am.  A fun occasion to be noted.
Elder Jay Thelin, Sister Dana Thelin visited us in the Jakobsberg Chapel
after they attended a conference in Stockholm.  They are serving
as Young Single Adult missionaries in Finland.


  1. Thelin's Corner is what I remember. I ran across Sister Thelin a couple of years ago serving here in Salt Lake. Still part of the Orton history.