Saturday, October 12, 2013

Been awhile since we posted. Let's catch up!

Warren posting today.  So much has happened the last few weeks and it will take some time to catch up.  We have had some wonderful experiences again, and even a sad experience or two.  first the good ones.  Another group of new missionaries arrived in Sweden last week, so Wendy and I were scurrying around the country again finding apartments and setting up housing for an increase of 12 more.  We travelled to Malmö, on the South end of Sweden, and set up an apartment there.
View from the apartment in Malmö.
 High density housing right
in the center of the City
View the other way.  This is actually the
apartment where we found the

After we did the apartment at Malmö, we went up to Halmstad, about an hour up the West Coast.  We rented a beautiful luxury condo there that is the summer home for a family, but they don't use it during the off-season.  It is on a famous beach that has up to 40,000 people on it per day (think of beaches with masses of sealions all fighting for a place in the sun) in the warm summer months.  It is called Tylösand, and is really a beautiful place.  Obviously, in late September there is not much action there, but Wendy and I enjoyed staying in the condo for a couple of nights while we set things up for two young sister missionaries to arrive.

Over twenty miles of walking paths around
the beach

That's my Wendy.  She is sure that the grandkids
will want some shells from Tylösand Beach

It was a little chilly, but we had a lovely walk along the
beach anyway.  September 25.

This was the first day in two months that we just relaxed for

Tylösand Beach is famous all over Sweden.  Near Halmstad on
the West Coast.

Behind this building is the Tylösand Hotel, which is the
anchor of the resort area.  It is owned by the lead singer from the
Swedish Rock Band "Roxette" Think early 90's, theme song from Pretty Woman

We walked until the sun set.  It was a beautiful scene.

Good night everyone......

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