Saturday, October 12, 2013

Another kitchen device, only GIANT!! Cheese Slicers and Marshmallows.

We have found another Swedish kitchen device, only this one is pretty common.  The strange thing is that we found a GIANT one.  It is called an "Ost hyvel", and every home in Sweden has one or two.  They are not uncommon in other places as well.  We love it.  While we were travelling this week, however, we found a giant one.
This is some getost (goat cheese) that is
VERY good.  Notice the Ost hyvel slicer.
However, we have not found a block of cheese big enough for THIS one.


I think my friend Stuart Foote would be interested to see these.  The farmers here put up their hay in a unique way that I never have seen before.  The balers make big round bales and then wrap them in plastic to keep them out of the excessive rain that Sweden gets in the Fall.  The bales also ferment in the oxygen-free plastic container, and the hay turns into a sweet silage-like feed.  Most of the bales are round like giant marshmallows, but some of them are rectangular in shape.  The fields are dotted with them all over this time of year.

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