Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Land of the Midnight Sun. Closing the Beachfront Apartment at Halmstad

Right after the Midsummer celebration we travelled to Halmstad to close down an apartment that we no longer needed in the mission.  See an earlier post from September 2013.  This is the luxury condominium on Tylosand Beach that we have had Sister Missionaries living in since last September.  The owners were so happy to have our missionaries live in it for the winter that they gave us a great deal on the rent. Part of the deal was that they would move back in for the July and August months.  We went down and spent a couple of days enjoying the beach while cleaning and moving out of the apartment.  It happened to be right after the longest day of the year, so pay attention to the MIDNIGHT SUN.

This picture was taken at Tylösand Beach near Halmstad at midnight on June 22, 2014.
The camera is pointed almost straight North.

Lovely evening for a walk at the beach.
We saw a few other sights at the Tylösand Beach.

An old Swedish Church from the 1500's
located on the Beach

Beautifully preserved and ornate inside
We also learned that for about two weeks right around Midsummer that the Lupine plants blossom in beautiful purple and white and various shades.  They are everywhere along the roadsides and are absolutely beautiful.  Apparently they are so prolific and plentiful that the Swedes consider them more of a weed than a flower.  I absolutely love them.

And a few last pictures from the Beach

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