Sunday, July 20, 2014

Grandma Brooks visits Sweden

On July 1 Wendy's mother arrived in Stockholm on a flight from Chicago. We greeted her at Arlanda Airport (Stockholm International).  How exciting to have her come.

We will have her here for 25 days and have done a whole lot of activities. Started by attending the WORLDS LARGEST CLASSIC AMERICAN CAR SHOW in Västerås.  Who'd have thought that  so many American cars would be restored and driven in SWEDEN?  Over 2000 cars dIsplayed at the annual "POWER MEET". Here are a few of my favorites

We immediately hit the road and have travelled the entire country with "Sister Brooks"  The office Elders made Grandma an honorary missionary with nametag and everything.  We went from Stockholm to the south tip of Sweden to Malmö, where we set up a newly renovated apartment then up the West coast to Göteborg,  Back to Stockholm, then off to the far North all the way to Boden and back.  Total trip over two weeks was 3500 kilometers with lots of work done all the way.

Lunch at Cafe Skåne in Göteborg

great little Bed and Breakfast in a Stuga at Docksta where we stayed

Pizza with the Elders in Umeå.  Elders Hitch, Barker, Ward and Packer

Mom and Daughter at the old Stone Church in Old Luleå

Grandmas bed at the Hotel

Lots of pretty flowers.  Note the nametag

Dinner with the Holmdahl family in Västerås.

More beautiful flowers.  This was taken in
Boden, which is just outside the Arctic Circle.

And the highlight of Grandma's stay was the celebration of her 81st birthday (about a week early) with a number of the Sisters and Elders from the Stockholm area.

Happy Birthday with frukt tårta.

Elder Niemenen, Sisters Taylor, Gambles, Clouse, Bass, Pieksma, Hauglid, Elder Tolley
Sisters Sjöblom, Brooks, Swenson, Spencer, Tolley

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