Sunday, September 8, 2013

Warren posting. We have been VERY busy. New missionaries arrived!

Sorry it has been awhile since we posted.  We have been running ( well actually driving mostly) all over the country in our assignment to get apartments ready for the newly arriving missionaries.  We had a group of 18 new missionaries arrive on August 20, and we have been working hard to find apartments in the various corners of the mission for them.  This group was particularly special to Wendy and I because they were the group that entered the Mission Training Center the same time as we did, back in early July.  They arrived all excited and energetic, and as the day went on the jet lag settled in and they really struggled to stay alert.  We fed them a meal around 5:00 pm and then they just wanted to get to their beds.

Senior missionaries preparing the Swedish tables

New missionaries and their new companions

 Yes, even though they were tired, they still were willing to dig into the Swedish meatballs!!

Total of 18 new missionaries, 11 elders, and 7 Sisters with their new companions (trainers). Note Sister Tolley in the back making sure everyone gets fed.  We now have 171 missionaries in Sweden, and are expecting about 35 more in the next few months.

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