Sunday, September 8, 2013

The mysterious kitchen device. Mystery solved?

Wendy and I are enjoying very much that we get to travel all over Sweden in preparing housing for the missionaries.  We spend a lot of time in the IKEA store buying everything from bedding to desks to kitchen gadgets, and then set up the various apartments.  This week we were in Malmö, right in the bottom tip of Sweden.  We rented an apartment from a gentleman that came entirely "möblerat", meaning "furnished", so our responsibilities were to clean and organize and prepare the apartment for the arrival of a senior couple that will arrive next month.  As Wendy was organizing the kitchen and doing an inventory of the gadgets, she came across this one that totally baffled us.

Dave Stahley says it is a "smorffenbloogen"  Of course it is Dave!
We have had an absolute riot reading all of the guesses that came when we put this on Facebook and asked friends to tell us what it is for.  Everything from sausage turner, doughnut grabber, dental tool, back scratcher, Swedish pancake stealer, and even a troll chaser.  Because nobody REALLY knows what it is for, Wendy has been trying to find a use for it.  Then earlier today, she ran across a situation where she was wishing she had a tool to help her with a simple kitchen problem and TA-DAH!!!! she came up with a good use for it.  See picture below
A toast remover???  It works GREAT!!
Swedish bread is very seldom in large loaves like we are used to.  The slices are smaller and rounded, so it is very difficult to get them out of the toaster.  This thing works great!  The sharp points grab the bread very nicely and just with a twist you have your toast!  So until someone can give us a better suggestion, we will be using the "smorffenbloogen" for this purpose.  I will be calling it the "smorffenbloogenbrödrostuttagare"  Mystery solved.......

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