Thursday, August 15, 2013

Warren Posting again: Wonderful experience 39 years later!!!

Warren here.  Had a wonderful experience on Sunday.  During Priesthood meeting at Church on Sunday, a number of the Priesthood members were sharing their conversion stories with a new member that had just been baptized the day before.  Amongst the participants was President Nyman, the President of the Stockholm Stake.  President Nyman shared that in the Fall of 1975 he lived in Luleå, way up the coast of Sweden.  He answered the door when two young missionaries knocked, and heard the door approach of the missionaries, and told them he was not interested.  His wife, however, was interested, and invited them to come back later.  Almost two years later, his wife joined the Church, but it was almost 9 years later before he joined the Church. He later moved to Stockholm, served as a Bishop, and now as Stake President.  He expressed his gratitude for those two young missionaries who first knocked on their door.  After the meeting, I introduced myself to President Nyman, and after we compared notes for a while, we realized that I was a missionary in Luleå for four months in the Fall of 1975.  He looked me in the eye and said "I believe it was you that knocked on our door that day"  WOW! Did that ever feel good!
We are travelling lots and seeing Sweden literally from North to South.  Lots of new missionaries coming this next week, and we have to make places for them to stay and work.  We found two new apartments this week and got the contracts in place for them in Malmö and in Landskrona.
Sister Tolley, Äldsterna Svensson, Forsythe, Geddes, Brown
Sister Tolley made pizza today for the Office Elders and the Assistants to the President.  Do you think they love her?  That's obvious!!!  Swedish pizza is not at all like American pizza, so they were happy to get lots of toppings and gooey cheese etc.  Life is good in Enebyberg!!

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  1. Monica:

    Ive heard my friend met Forsythe in Umeå... a nice young man she said.. who is he?