Friday, August 9, 2013

It has been a busy week. We have helped with two zone conferences. Our assignment is to help the office couple with the food to feed 50 missionaries. On Tuesday August 6th we set up the luncheon meal in the Gubbängen church building. It is located in the southern part of Stockholm. This church building has an amazing kitchen. It is very large and has lots of room for food service and preparation. This was the zone conference for the Stockholm North and Stockholm Stake Zones. We are in the Stockholm Stake Zone. We arrived in the morning around 10 a.m. and covered the tables with Swedish Blue Tablecloths with a Yellow accent down the center. We also had yellow napkins that we folded nicely for each place. We then set out the clear plastic cutlery and drinking cups. We do not have to cook any of the food. The men go and pick up the food and bring it to the church about 20 minutes before we serve it. It comes in individual containers that are placed on the table. The lid comes off and is used for a salad bowl. Our menu today was herb roasted chicken breasts with small roasted potatoes, green salad, and large assortment of breads. And of course the dessert. It is a typical Swedish Dessert with a crust and pudding with lots of glazed fresh fruit on top. I should have taken pictures of the decorated tables and the food, but being so busy I did not think of it then.

Warren and I spent Wednesday and Thursday doing office work. Warren is searching for new apartments. I went through all the files and put some of the information into a spreadsheet on the computer for easy access to the information that we will need for scheduling apartment inspections.

Friday, August 9th

Today's Zone Conference is in Västra Haninga and is for the Stockholm South and Sodertalje Zones.
This is a very expensive and beautiful part of Stockholm and the church building is located next to the Stockholm Temple and Guest House. The building is unique architecture and matches the Guest House next door. The Guest House is a place where you can rent a room to stay overnight when attending the temple. The grounds all around these buildings are a sight to behold. The trees, bushes, flowers, and walkways are all groomed and picturesque.
This is the Stockholm Temple.
Me on the beautiful walkway by the temple.
You cannot read the sign I am standing by but it says -
"Stockholm Tempel"
"Jesu Kristi Kyrka Av Sista Dagars Heliga"
Back to the luncheon information. This time we set the tables with yellow tablecloths with the blue accent down the center of each table. And of course we used blue napkins this time. The process and the food was the same as last conference. When we were all down and cleaned up we had lots of       leftover food this time. So we ended up taking a lot home with us. I cut up all the chicken so I can
 make a Alfredo/Chicken Pizza for the missionaries at the Mission Office. I will freeze the leftover bread for eating later with our meals. The leftover potatoes will be used for going with a meal that I will probably be feeding our ward missionaries this Sunday.
On our way home from the conference, we stopped at a knit shop so I could buy yarn for a knitting project while we do some extensive travelling next week. I have a hard time staying awake to keep Warren company if I do not have something for my hands to do.
I found some cotton yarn in the sale bins outside the store. The inside of the store goes on forever! Not only is there tons of yarn but one side is all fabric and sewing stuff. The sweet lady in the shop did not speak English, but was able to help me with what little Swedish I can manage at this time. I will have to study up on some knitting and crocheting words to add to my Swedish Vocabulary. I am so excited to have found a knit shop nearby. The first yarn that I bought in Sweden was at the large grocery store. I have been knitting slippers for gifts. I was able to get a pair of Slippers knit for Sister  Marita Johanson who just left for home on Thursday. We are replacing the Johanson's as the Housing Couple. They were wonderful to work with and I miss them already. They live in Orem, Utah  and so we will easily be able to keep in touch in the future. Their apartment which is nearby in our area, will soon become housing for a new set of sisters of elders.

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    I knew I'd see you in a yarn store in Sweden! Here's one of many knitting glossaries online. I doubt Warren learned the knit terms 39 years ago:)

    In my knit group with red bridge/Stanley ladies we talked last time about the women who started us knitting. Thank you! It is an ongoing joy to knit.

    We're enjoying following your adventure. Leslie