Saturday, August 9, 2014

DALA HÄST the symbol of Sweden

Everywhere you go in Sweden you find the little carved wooden horse, traditionally red in color, that is considered the symbol of Sweden.  They originated in the province of Dalarna, which translated means "The Valleys".  We recently travelled to a small village in Dalarna called Nusnäs, where there are two factories where hundreds of thousands of the Dala Hästar are manufactured every year.  Every tourist that comes to Sweden takes home at least one or two of these carved horses.
They are individually carved and hand painted

some fancy models are also available

dipped, sanded, dipped, painted

just a small sampling of the thousands of horses

The only pony she could ride here in Sweden

carving of a carver carving a carving
carving is a tradition in Nusnäs

some roosters and other animals are carved as well
No this one is not made of wood, but it certainly catches your attention as you drive into Dalarna

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